secret of making money

The Real Secret to Making Money

It is worthy of note, and we want to reiterate clearly that strategies alone do not bring the desired results in the long run, but must be combined and used together with the money management rules. We must imagine our account (which we decide to use) as our “treasure” to defend against external attacks and to grow steadily over time.

The reason why about 90% of the Betting accounts (source Betfair) is at a loss, is right here: the psychology of people leads to not respecting the rules in the long run, but only for short high odds
If you approach Betting with the right preparation and professionalism (money management is essential), you will succeed and make it big.
Do not look for any amazing strategies or magic advice anywhere, but immediately use the money management. A professional trader will reiterate always that the only secret to being in profit is the military respect of these rules.

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