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About Us

Platinum Sport Trade is a meticulous blend of experts from the money market (Forex, Binary and Stocks) and veterans in sport betting with in depth knowledge of over ten (10) sports, synergizing to ensure the sport lovers or bettors not only to reduce that loss rate, but create a system that provides them with great money management, guaranteed steady profits at the end of stipulated time.

Instead of gambling away hard earned money, platinum sport trade help subscribers maximize profit and help them grow their money geometrically through well calculated risk management and financial management system through sport trading.

The concept of sport is not new , but only an infinitesimal fraction maximizes it while hundreds of millions constantly loss their hard earned resources to bookies.

We at Platinum Sport Trade, spend 8 – 12 hours daily studying available sport market options and help our subscribers make best selections and guide them on their daily stakes ensuring money management. This is what differentiates us from prediction platforms or site.

Our strategy have been tested and proven to be failure proof in sport trading. The least package on our platform is guaranteed a minimum of 30% ROI monthly and well up to 500% ROI on higher packages.

Subscribe today and lets win together.